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Purple Wave offers higher quality auction pictures with “zoom” feature

Wednesday, Jul. 28, 2010 - 2 pm | Aaron Traffas, CAI, ATS, CES

Purple Wave has good pictures. It’s tough to find another equipment auctioneer who consistently has as many pictures per item as we do. We go through great lengths to ensure that each picture is cropped, rotated and balanced so that its easy for our customers to see the relevant details of each asset for themselves.

The “zoom in” link is now available below each picture in the item details page

Historically, after all this picture processing is completed, our pictures have been reduced in size to fit within the container of our website and reduced slightly in quality to make them faster to download. Yesterday, we launched a new feature we’re calling “zoom” that offers higher quality and larger images.

Now, whenever you’re viewing the item details page, you’ll see a “zoom in” link below each picture, next to the existing “show all pictures” link that displays the all the pictures instead of the thumbnails for the item. This link will take you to a new picture viewer that displays a much larger and higher quality copy of the picture.

The header of the new zoom screen contains navigation links

The header of the picture viewer contains the auction title, date and time, as well as the item number and the first line of the item description. Clicking on the auction title or the auction details link takes you to the auction details page for the auction that contains the item. Clicking all items takes you to the listing view for all items in the auction. Clicking the item number takes you directly to the item details page for the item with the primary picture selected. You can click the next picture or previous picture links to look at other high quality pictures of the item, or you can click zoom out to return to the item details page with the picture selected that you were just viewing.

We hope that by offering you the option to view higher quality pictures, you’ll be able to have more information available to make better, more informed decisions about the bids you place and the assets you buy.

If you have questions about this new feature or have suggestions to improve it, please let me know by dropping an email to or use our feedback form.

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