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November 17 construction equipment liquidation

Friday, Nov. 4, 2011 - 3 pm | Aaron Traffas, CAI, ATS, CES

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Michael Braun

Michael Braun

Aaron Traffas: Hello, this is Aaron Traffas with Purple Wave. On November 17, Purple Wave will be selling an extensive lineup of late model construction equipment for a suburban Kansas City contractor at no reserve auction. I’m going to speak with Mike Braun about this large event. Hi, Mike. Thanks for joining me.

Mike Braun: Hello, Aaron.

AT: What type of construction equipment are we going to be selling on November 17?

MB: We have a large assortment of construction equipment – excavators, track loaders, wheel loaders, backhoes, rock drills, trucks, trailers, vehicles – you name it. Generators, compressors – we’ve got a little bit of everything.

November 17 construction equipment auction flyer

Auction flyer

This is a large amount of late-model construction equipment. Tell me what you can about why this equipment is being liquidated.

It’s just a sign of economic times. A well-respected contractor in the area just hit some tough times and we’re going to be actually liquidating this for the lender. That’s pretty much the reason we’re here.

Mike, tell me about some of the marquee items in this event.

Well, we have three 2005 Komatsu PC400s, we’ve got a couple of 928 wheel loaders, a couple of 938 wheel loaders, a couple of real special items – we’ve got a 2006 Terex Reedrill rock drill that has less than 800 hours on it. It’s in real good shape. As well as another unique item is – we have a 200 Hitachi excavator with a Shinn 390 tree shredder on it. We don’t see a lot of those coming up, but those are some of the special items.

Excavators in November 17 construction equipment auction


Mike, right now I’m looking at 264 items for this event on Is that a complete inventory?

Yes, it is complete. I think we’ve got everything up there. There might be just a little tweaking going on here or there, maybe adding a picture or two, but otherwise the inventory is complete.

Well you guys have certainly done a great job with the number of the pictures and the quality of the listings. But, like any of our auctions, we sure encourage prospective bidders to inspect the items before placing any bids. All of these items are located at 20710 South Foster Court in Bucyrus, Kan. Tell us where that is and how we’re handling the inspection for these items in this auction.

Loaders in November 17 construction equipment auction


The location is south of Kansas City. If you take Highway 69 south of Kansas City to the 199th Street exit, take a left there and go over to Metcalf Avenue, take that south to 207th Street and then back west about a quarter of a mile and you’re at the location. We’re here Monday through Saturday for sure 9 to 3. We can do it by appointment only. We have special open houses set for Fridays and Saturdays leading up to the auction, but we’re going to be around here every day and you’re more than welcome to stop by. If the gate is shut we’ve got some flyers hanging on the gate there for you to take that tells you a little bit more about the auction.

20710 S Foster Ct, Bucyrus, Kan.

20710 S Foster Ct, Bucyrus, Kan.

So you’ll be there tomorrow, Saturday the 5th of November, as well as the 11th and 12th all day for walk-in appointments and then by appointment only the rest of the days leading up to the auction on the 17th.

Right. And we will be here the day of the auction. We’ll have some kiosks set up if you do show up and need a place to bid, we will be here to help you do that.

Is there anything else you want to tell us about the auction, Mike?

I’d just encourage you to go to and take a look at it. It’s a large assortment. There’s a total of 10 excavators, 5 track loaders – couple 963Cs, 963Bs and a 973. We’ve got 7 wheel loaders in the auction, a couple of backhoes, a skid steer, those rock drills, 30 pickups. We’ve got four barrel beds, a couple of 2006 Trail King lowboys that are in real good shape, a couple of triple axle truck tractors as well as, like I said, a large assortment of the supporting equipment, be it pumps, generators, compressors.

Trucks and vehicles in the construction equipment liquidation auction

Trucks and vehicles

Mike Braun is Purple Waves territory manager for northeast Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri. He’s the auction manager our construction equipment liquidation auction which will be held through November 17. Thanks, Mike, for taking a few minutes to speak with me.

You bet. Thank you, Aaron.

Find Mike on the web at – thats B R A U N. Contact him at or call 785.565.3737.

You can listen to Purple Wave’s Auction Podcast on our website or subscribe for free on iTunes – just use the link at

Bidding for this construction equipment auction is open now and will close Thursday, November 17, beginning at 10 a.m. Like all Purple Wave auctions, there are no reserves or minimum bids. Items receiving bids in the last few minutes will be automatically extended to give everyone a fair chance to bid. Theres no advantage to waiting, so view the complete inventory with inspection information – and place your bids now – at

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