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Scott Lacy new territory manager for St. Louis and Illinois

Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2011 - 11 am | Aaron Traffas, CAI, ATS, CES

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Aaron Traffas: Hello this is Aaron Traffas with Purple Wave. Today, we’re going to visit with Purple Wave’s newest territory manager, Scott Lacy from St. Louis. Hi, Scott, and thanks for joining me.

Scott Lacy

Scott Lacy

Scott Lacy: Thanks, Aaron. Thanks for having me.

AT: Begin by telling us a little bit about your background. Where did you grow up and where have you worked in the past?

SL: I was born in Cape Giradeau, Mo., but grew up in St. Louis and have spent all but about 6 months calling this home. My primary experience has been in both the industrial parts and the construction aggregates industries, with my most recent stint as commercial accounts manager for TruGreen Lawn and Land Care over the past year-and-a-half.

You have an extensive sales background and familiarity with the St. Louis construction market. Tell us about that.

I spent almost 10 years with Lafarge North America in a variety of sales functions for the St. Louis Aggregate Division, providing both limestone, hard rock – which included trap rock and red granite – and also river sand products to contractors, producers, trucking companies and other brokers across many segments. I was actually providing industrial parts service to the local Lafarge operations, when they approached me in 1999 about coming on board. I didn’t have any construction material experience, but saw it as an opportunity to work for a global leader, and learn from the ground up in a market that certainly had a lot of potential for growth, which is exactly what happened. I served in a variety of sales roles during my tenure: sales rep, senior sales rep, sales manager and territory manager over that nearly 10 years of time. At the end of the day, it always came down to customer service and our team delivered results consistently which led to improved results in both volume and revenue year over year until the market decline in 2007 and beyond, but I will consider it to this point the best 10 years of my life, both personally and professionally.

Why did you decide to be a part of Purple Wave?

I saw this opportunity and as a way to be able to reconnect with former customers and contacts, and return to an industry, at least on the peripheral, that brought me a great deal of enjoyment. So, doing some due diligence and researching the company, talking to some people who had some dealings – they had very nice things to say about it. That was what kind of started the process, at least creating that level of interest, and then meeting with both Richard and Aaron McKee after that just kind of solidified that this was an opportunity to, again, join a company – not necessarily a global company yet – but a mover and shaker in this industry and, again, allow me to utilize my experience and contacts in an industry that I had a lot of success.

You’ve been on the team for a little over a week now. What do you think of the company so far?

I spent the past week in Manhattan. I got to meet with each of the departments that drive all the processes and I could not have been more impressed with the talent pool that Purple Wave has assembled. The passion and dedication of each individual that I met with was pretty evident when you meet them, right out of the gate. From the senior management team – Jerrod, Aaron, Eric, Richard and down – everyone is highly committed to customer service excellence, which fits in nicely with what I believe my personal strengths are. The other thing is the expertise in each of our core segments was ve ry impressive, so I’ll be leaning quite heavily on some of the other TMs as I work to develop my own territory.

Talk about your role and responsibilities and describe the area you’ll be covering.

Scott Lacy's territory

Scott Lacy’s territory

At the outset I will be covering the greater St. Louis market as well as a large section of Illinois moving forward. At this stage, when you look at Missouri, at least, the people on the peripheral to the west seem to have some knowledge of Purple Wave when I look at some of the individuals who are currently active customers. So, out of the gate, I’ll be contacting anyone that has ever done business with Purple Wave to let them know they have a local resource to help them moving forward, and at the same time introducing myself and the company to a lot of new people that may or may not have knowledge of who we are and what we do and why we do it and why we’re good at it. And then, of course, I’ll also be calling my former contacts to touch base and re-connect with the construction industry.

Tell us about some of your personal interests. What do you like to do in your spare time?

We’ll I’m married – it’ll be 20 years next year – I have two children in high school, one getting ready to graduate and the other just getting started, so school activities always keep me busy when I am not working. My daughter’s a cheerleader so I enjoy going to the football games and watching her do her thing and certainly my son is soccer player and a basketball player so I enjoy watching the kids participate in their sports. On a personal level, I enjoy working outdoors on my lawn and landscape, which seems to be a never-ending process, and hanging out with friends and family. That’s kind of what I like to do.

I’ve been speaking with Scott Lacy, Purple Wave’s new territory manager for the greater St. Louis area and Illinois. Thanks again, Scott, for joining me today.

Thank you for having me.

Find Scott on the web at Contact him at or call 314.660.1852.

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