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Kansas again names Purple Wave as official auctioneer

Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2011 - 10 am | press release

The Kansas Department of Administration has again awarded the Online Auction Services contract to Purple Wave, Inc. This is the third consecutive time a contract for on-call auctioneering services has been awarded to the Manhattan-based Internet auction firm.

The contract establishes an official auctioneer to provide Internet auction services for all of the agencies of the state of Kansas and interested political subdivisions. After a competitive bidding process, Purple Wave was selected as the first contract holder in 2004, again in 2008 and now in 2011.

Under the contract, Purple Wave provides auction services to Kansas agencies, counties, cities, townships, school districts and other political subdivisions, allowing them to forgo the need for separate services bidding processes. Kansas public sector sellers utilize Purple Wave’s agricultural and construction equipment auctions in addition to regularly scheduled government auctions to sell surplus assets.

“This contract has added significant efficiency to the way state agencies in Kansas are able to take surplus equipment, vehicles and other property and liquidate those assets through a public sale,” said Jerrod Westfahl, Purple Wave’s president and CEO.

Purple Wave’s services to the state include creating detailed, professional listings of the assets as well as implementing both local and national advertising campaigns. In the last three years, Purple Wave has sold $17 million worth of assets for nearly 300 Kansas agencies and subdivisions consisting of 16,000 items in 185 separate Internet auction events.

“I am impressed with Purple Wave’s thorough preparation for our auctions,” said Matt Miller, Kansas Department of Transportation surplus property manager. “The staff visited the six district locations located across the state to collect asset descriptions and take pictures, which was a huge help to KDOT staff. The process is easy with Purple Wave’s territory managers handling all the details. Purple Wave provides reliable and prompt service.”

Westfahl said one of the keys to being successful selling public assets is transparency. “When it comes to disposing of publicly owned assets, ensuring transparency and visibility into the sale process is crucial.” Purple Wave lists all assets for public auction at and maintains lists of past auction results.

The new contract has a November 2011 through October 2014 primary term with two optional one-year extensions exercisable by the Department of Administration.

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