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Purple Wave’s auction calendar

Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2012 - 2 pm | Aaron Traffas, CAI, ATS, CES

We’ve recently added several new auctions to our calendar. Let’s take this opportunity to examine the different types of auctions Purple Wave conducts.

Regular consignment auctions
We routinely sell packages of equipment and vehicles that are high in quality but in a quantity that doesn’t justify an entire auction. By combining assets from multiple sellers into the same event, we can offer more efficient marketing campaigns to our sellers and larger, consolidated listings of specific types of equipment to our bidders and buyers. For these reasons, we conduct five different types of regularly scheduled auctions based on asset types.

Purple Wave's equipment auction calendar

Purple Wave's auction calendar

  • Ag equipment auctions
    Examples of quality agricultural assets include combines, tractors and tillage implements as well as application, forage and seeding equipment. We currently schedule two ag equipment auctions each month.
  • Construction equipment auctions
    Our construction auctions include assets such as backhoes, dozers, excavators, loaders, motor graders and cranes. We currently schedule two construction equipment auctions each month.
  • Government auctions
    Purple Wave currently holds the on-call auctioneering services contract with the Kansas Department of Administration. We frequently work with state and local agencies in Kansas and other states to remarket government equipment. Examples of assets included frequently in government auctions are tractors, salt and sand trucks, police interceptors, ambulances and school buses. Due to the nature of government seizures and surplus, our government auctions often include a wide variety of asset types.
  • Truck and trailer auctions
    Reserved for quality semi-tractors and trailers, our monthly truck and trailer auctions serve the over-the-road tractor-trailer industry.
  • Midwest auctions
    Not all equipment packages comprise assets that fit neatly into the above auction types. For these consignments, we hold a couple Midwest auctions each month. Examples of assets that are included in Midwest auctions are vehicles, smaller trailers and industrial tools.

Featured auctions
In addition to our regularly scheduled consignment auctions, we occasionally conduct featured events. A featured auction is unique because it may be for a single seller or small group of similar sellers, it may be geographically specific or it may be for a certain type of asset. Examples of upcoming featured auctions include the antique tractor auction on February 23, the ag dealer inventory reduction auction on March 7, the Terratrax Excavation liquidation auction on March 20 and the TW Ellis Construction retirement auction on March 22.

By leveraging our regularly scheduled auctions as well as our featured events, Purple Wave can effectively market any size and type of quality equipment consignment.

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