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Crystal Griffis serving Oklahoma City to Denton, Tex.

Fri., Jul. 13, 2012 - 2 pm | Aaron Traffas, CAI, ATS, CES

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Hello this is Aaron Traffas with Purple Wave. Today, I’m going to speak with Crystal Griffis, Purple Wave’s newest territory manager for Oklahoma City, Denton, Tex., and the area between. Hi, Crystal, and thanks for joining me.

Thank you, Aaron. I am so excited to talk to you today.

Well let’s begin, Crystal. Tell me about yourself. Have you always lived in Oklahoma?

Crystal Griffis

You know what? I was born and raised in Shawnee, Okla. I graduated high school there. I am also a graduate of Oklahoma State University although I have lived in Springfield, Ill., and Arlington, Tex., for a while, but I am back home in Oklahoma and just excited to be working in my home state.

You have a lot of experience with construction equipment as well as marketing and sales. Tell me about your previous careers and experiences.

Well, we had three manufacturing facilities here in Oklahoma. We majorly provided asphalt construction equipment. We did Total Truck and Trailer, in which we added accessories on to the trucks and trailers business. We did a lot of fabrication and manufacturing and we went everywhere with that. We were all over the world with that.

What was your initial impression of Purple Wave when you first heard about us?

I did a little bit of investigating about Purple Wave. I have to tell you, it was probably the most outstanding company I have ever looked into or been associated with. Their integrity and their focus on customer service is beyond anything I have ever seen before. I’m just excited to be associated with a company that has such a great integrity and standing.

How did you learn about the position and what was it that made you want to be a part of Purple Wave?

You know, I heard about the open position on LinkedIn, which is a social network. I thought, “You know what? I’m going to check this out a little bit. I can use my background.” I just thought it was a great match. I did a little more investigating and found out they were one of the fastest growing companies. I did a little more investigating and finding out the why is because of all the technology that they use and how customer-focused they are. I just really wanted to visit with them and find out what they had going on that they had such great – I mean, when you look on their website there’s just awesome testimony from a cross-sector of different entities. Government, people with privately held companies – their praise for Purple Wave just makes you be excited about wanting to be part of the company.

You joined Purple Wave about a month ago. Tell me about your role and responsibilities and the territory you’ll be covering. What’s an average day?

Crystal’s territory

Well, I’m not really sure there is an average day, Aaron. I’ve figured that out so far. My territory is Oklahoma City, all the way – basically going down I-35 all the way to Denton County in Texas. I am here really to match the solutions that Purple Wave offers to people needing our services. There is just an influx of construction work and road work going on in Oklahoma. We have been very blessed that we have continued to grow. The Thunder and the Bricktown projects that we have going on has just really made this area thrive. There are lots of construction companies here that – this is a great tool for them to use to turn those assets that they’re not using and the inventory that they’re not using into cash. It’s more efficient. It’s more effective. We do everything for them. It’s a turn-key operation. That attracts so many people because they are so busy right now. We are an awesome solution for them to get rid of those assets and to turn them.

You’ve been on the ground for a little more than a month now. What kind of initial results are you seeing and how are you feeling about the position so far?

I love it. I am so excited. I love it. Everybody has been extremely receptive. I think that the Oklahoma City market is just going to explode on us. Like I said, there is such a need in this area for our services. I am just anxious to get out there and tell everybody about Purple Wave. My reception has been extremely well received. I’ve met with several large companies that are wanting to list their assets with us as well as several small companies. It has been a very rewarding month in knowing that we have a service that is so needed in this area.

I’m glad to hear that things are working out so well down in Oklahoma and northern Texas. Crystal, tell me about some of your personal interests. What do you like to do in your spare time?

Well, Aaron, I have two kids. I have two teenagers. My daughter is going to be going to Oklahoma State, so needless to say I’m really involved in getting her moved up there. I also have a son, Chaz, that will be 15 this next month. He is involved in every sport possible. I love to do family things. We love to travel. We love to ski. We love to snow ski. I love just hanging out with my family. We absolutely love the Thunder and going to those basketball games, and, of course, OSU and OU football. Just hanging out with my kids and my friends – I couldn’t ask for anything better.

OU and OSU, huh? I don’t know that I’ve ever met anybody from Oklahoma who classified them both as something that they’d enjoyed. Usually it’s very actively one or the other.

I know. You know what? I love them both. OSU, of course, is where I graduated from and that is my absolute favorite team, but you know what? I’m just an Oklahoma fan, so, you know, OU or OSU – either one!

I’ve been speaking with Crystal Griffis, Purple Wave’s new territory manager for Oklahoma City, south central Oklahoma and parts of northern Texas. Thanks again, Crystal, for joining me today.

Thank you, Aaron.

Find Crystal on the web at Contact her at or call 405.568.0965.

Subscribe to Purple Wave’s Auction Podcast on iTunes. Search iTunes for “Purple Wave” or use the link on the podcast page on our website at

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Jason Moore joins Purple Wave as human resources manager

Thu., Jul. 12, 2012 - 5 pm | Eric Williams

I’d like to announce the hiring of Jason Moore, our new human resources manager. Jason will be responsible for employee recruiting, hiring, and performance management as well as overseeing the company’s compensation and benefits programs.

Jason Moore

“I’ve been in the people side of business since 1996 and have worked with some very successful companies. I joined Purple Wave because I wanted to help the team recruit, hire, develop, and retain the best people possible. Building relationships with employees while strengthening a company’s workforce is the right fit for me. This position allows me to do just that inside and outside of Purple Wave. I’m thrilled to be here and look forward to the challenge of building the company one person at a time,” says Jason.

Jason comes to Purple Wave with 16 years of recruiting experience as a professional staffing recruiter. For the past five years, Jason served as an independent executive recruiter of engineers, architects, and construction professionals at Kromer & Moore, an executive search firm. Prior to that, Jason spent four years as a human resources manager at Carter & Burgess, a national architectural and engineering firm in Ft. Worth, and six years at Aerotek Contract Engineering as an account manager and recruiter.

When he is not working, you can find Jason on a baseball, basketball, or soccer field coaching his three sons. Jason is a native of Hunt, Tex., and holds a B.S. in kinesiology from Texas A&M University.

Providing our customers with great service is critical to Purple Wave. With Jason’s background and experience, I am confident Purple Wave will attract and retain the right employees to serve our customers.

We look forward to watching Jason develop and expand Purple Wave throughout the coming years.

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Crystal Griffis new territory manager for Oklahoma City

Mon., Jun. 25, 2012 - 4 pm | Richard Bates

Earlier this month, Crystal Griffis joined Purple Wave as our newest territory manager. In her new position as the territory manager for the Oklahoma City area, Crystal will primarily focus on developing and maintaining all customer relationships and sales functions in the Oklahoma City area. “I was attracted to Purple Wave due to the amount of focus placed on customer relationships. I want to continue to bring that same integrity and honesty to my customers,” says Crystal.

Crystal Griffis

Crystal Griffis

Crystal is excited about the prospects of matching Purple Wave’s solutions with the Oklahoma City area. “The Oklahoma City market has been a place of economic development and growth. Construction is thriving in so many economic sectors. Oil and gas are seeing some of the largest growth rates. Road construction is in full gear. The development of Bricktown and the success we have seen with the Oklahoma City Thunder have drawn many developers and investors to this area.”

Crystal comes to Purple Wave with a background in the manufacturing of road construction equipment and as a territory manager marketing to the construction and commercial sectors. She is motivated by providing excellent service to her already established customers and looks forward to developing relationships with new clients. When she is not working, she spends time with her two amazing teenagers, Carly and Chaz. She is a native of Shawnee, Okla., and holds a business degree in marketing from Oklahoma State University.

On behalf of everyone here at Purple Wave, I welcome Crystal to the team.

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If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em

Fri., Jun. 15, 2012 - 1 pm | Dave Sommers, AARE, PRI

I’ve noticed a repeated theme in conversations with lenders lately. Here’s the gist in paraphrase form.

Dave, we’ve talked a few times over the past few months. I appreciate you making us aware of collateral coming to auction and gaining our consent and payout guidance.

I watched the assets on from listing to sale day and was amazed at the late bidding movement. I also realized that most entities for whom you sold are in great financial shape. I had always assumed auction was a last resort for equipment sales, but my own customers and Purple Wave have proven that assumption wrong. My customers tell me Purple Wave is the equipment remarketing expert.

These lenders will potentially use our services when needed due to awareness, understanding and a trusted, yet unintentional, referral.

It’s commonplace for sellers to come to us having first been bidders or viewers. They watch assets sell. Some register to bid. Some bid, mostly without winning. All pay attention to selling prices. They gain trust in the system and finally decide to sell, thinking if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. They turn into sellers because they are aware, understand and gain full trust in our method of remarketing assets.

This understanding and trust translates to our lender-sellers as well. Some of our most common lender-sellers are those who are also agricultural producers, as they watch and bid often for their own purposes. Another group are those who have watched a borrower’s assets sell on Our most common lender-sellers are repeat sellers, a fact which speaks for itself.

If you would like to visit with a Purple Wave-savvy lender, give me a call at 785.313.2094. I’ll offer you a contact list of lender-sellers who are willing to speak with fellow lenders. An understanding of what Purple Wave does, and the first inkling of trust in us, can come from these conversations.

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Price calculations and bid implementation

Mon., May. 28, 2012 - 6 am | Aaron Traffas, CAI, ATS, CES

Purple Wave’s bidding system is straightforward. Item prices are calculated based on direct bids, maximum bids and bidding increments.

Example bidding form

Direct bids
A direct bid is a bid placed in the your bid field. So long as this bid meets or exceeds the next required bid, the price immediately becomes this amount.

Maximum bids
A maximum bid placed in the your maximum field is the highest amount a bidder is willing to pay for an item. The system will bid automatically for the bidder only the amount required to win the item so long as it is less than or equal to the maximum bid.

Bidding increments
The bidding increments are used to calculate the current amount and the next bid required. For example, the increment for prices between $250 and $1000 is $25. Bids that are less than the next required bid are not accepted.

The currently winning bidder on any item is always the bidder who has placed the highest maximum bid or a direct bid that is greater than any other bid. The current price is always calculated as one bidding increment above the last highest bid from another bidder or a direct bid if it is higher than any other bid.

There are no ties in an auction, but when a bidder places a bid that is equal to a maximum bid that has already been placed by another bidder, the first bidder remains the currently winning bidder at a price that is equal to the maximum bid. In the event that either bidder places a higher maximum bid, the current price is again calculated as one increment above the next highest bid, causing the current amount to be raised by one increment.

Example bidding history

Bidding histories
Purple Wave makes the complete bidding history available for every active item. In our pictured example above, we know that the item has received 15 bids. Clicking on the number of bids displays a page that contains the complete bidding history of the asset with the exception of the current winning bidder’s maximum bid which is never disclosed.

These bidding histories facilitate an open and transparent marketplace by allowing both bidders and sellers to view the number of active bidders, see when each bid was placed and understand what effect on the current price each bid had.

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Purple Wave wins national marketing awards

Fri., May. 18, 2012 - 7 pm | Amy Shaneyfelt

Creative marketing and advertising in the auction industry is essential when it comes to the success and growth of an auction company. The National Auctioneers Association (NAA) Marketing Competition is a contest amongst its members and allows auction professionals the opportunity to highlight their innovative creations over the past year while vying for top awards for their marketing and advertising materials. The annual competition is presented in partnership with USA TODAY.

The competition is comprised of 63 categories in six divisions. This year’s competition received more than 650 entries. Entries were judged by a panel of marketing and advertising professionals with backgrounds in branding, promotion, public relations and graphic design. Judging criteria included creativity, effectiveness, clarity and visual appeal.

This year, Purple Wave was awarded first place in two categories.

Postcard – Farm Machinery and Equipment
Our first ag dealer hotlist auction featured the winning postcard for this category designed by Rod Hoover.

Ag dealer inventory hotlist auction postcard

The auction was held on December 7, 2011, and featured inventory from several notable ag dealers in Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas.

Non-Traditional Marketing
We won this category with Aaron’s work on the podcast for the Dean Ag Services rental fleet reduction auction which was held on July 21, 2011. Remember to subscribe to Purple Wave’s Auction Podcast on iTunes or listen to all our podcasts on our podcast page.

Postcard – Commercial/Industrial: Machinery & Equipment
Purple Wave was awarded second place in this category for the postcard Rod designed for the large construction equipment auction held last November 17.

November 17 construction equipment auction postcard

This auction was held on November 17, 2011, and featured assets from a well respected construction contractor in the Kansas City area.

Purple Wave has been the recipient of 24 NAA Marketing awards since 2008.

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John Hengel new territory manager in Minnesota and Iowa

Fri., May. 11, 2012 - 3 pm | Aaron Traffas, CAI, ATS, CES

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Aaron Traffas: Hello this is Aaron Traffas with Purple Wave. Today, I’m going to speak with John Hengel, Purple Wave’s new territory manager for southwestern Minnesota and north central Iowa. Hi, John, and thanks for joining me.

John Hengel: Hi, Aaron, and thank you.

AT: Tell me about yourself. Where did you grow up and where do you live now?

John Hengel

JH: Well, I grew up in Bloomington, Minn., which is a small suburb of Minneapolis on the southwest side. I lived there for a number of years and got married and now I live in Shakopee, Minn., which is, again, southwest of Minneapolis.

John, tell me about your previous work history and experiences. What have you done in the past?

Well, I guess my previous work experience – I started working full time at the Mall of America, which – I’m sure you know what that is. I was the exterior facilities manager there. I took care of the grounds and maintenance and snow plowing and landscaping and everything that happened on the outside of the building. Then I worked for a large – probably one of the largest in the twin cities – landscaper that also did excavating and utilities and road work and that kind of stuff. I’ve also worked for a concrete manufacturing company which is Aggregate Industries. That’s most of my history in a nutshell.

Well, it sure sounds like you’re familiar with equipment, John. What made you set your sights on Internet auctions and what made you decide you wanted to be a part of Purple Wave?

Well, if you’d have asked me a month ago or month and a half ago before I started talking with Purple Wave, I probably wouldn’t have had much of a response. I saw the ad that they were looking for somebody. I met with one of the territory managers. It really got me excited. With what Purple Wave’s doing and their past and what they plan on in the future, it would have been really hard to turn down the offer that I got. I’m really excited.

Well, you’ve had a chance to experience Purple Wave here for the last several days. You started last Monday. Tell me what you think about Purple Wave so far and what do you think of your decision after your first week.

Well, so far I’m very overwhelmed with all the technology and all the different things that they do to make sure that all their auctions are on the up and up and everything runs smoothly. I’ve been going through a lot of training. I’m really impressed. I’ve actually made the comment that when you look at what the company is you’d swear that it would take 300 people to do it, but they have a great group of people that I’ve met down here that’s not 300 people. It’s very few – a lot less than I ever thought it would be. They’ve been great and gracious in teaching and training me all week. I’m excited to head back to Minnesota and get going.

Well, tell me about that, John. Describe the area you’re going to be covering as a territory manager up north.

Basically my territory that I’m going to be covering is southwest Minnesota. If you started at Minneapolis and went straight south on Highway 35 and went straight west on Interstate 94 and drew a big box in that corner of Minnesota – and then part of northern Iowa right there – that’s going to be my territory.

What are your responsibilities and how will you go about representing Purple Wave in Minnesota and Iowa?

Well, being that this is an expansion area for Purple Wave, there’s not tons of customers in this area. My goal is going to be to get out and knock on a lot of doors and make a lot of phone calls and introduce Purple Wave to a lot of potential customer, whether they be somebody wanting to sell some equipment or somebody wanting to buy some equipment. That’s really going to be my goal, to get out and make sure everybody knows who Purple Wave is and what we do.

Well, we’re sure excited to have you up in that neck of the woods. Tell me about your personal interests, John. What do you like to do in your spare time?

Like I said a little bit ago, I am married. I have one daughter that’s going to be 10 years old, so she’s very active and doing all her different things which takes up time. When she’s not doing her activities, she and I are spending time together and with my wife and with other family members. I probably do have a little bit of a problem. I really enjoy fishing and the outdoors and hunting. When I’m not with my family, that’s what I’m doing.

I’ve been speaking with John Hengel, Purple Wave’s new territory manager for southwestern Minnesota and northern Iowa. Thanks again, John, for joining me today.

Thank you.

Find John on the web at Contact him at or call 952.220.7068.

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Jackie Black new territory manager for Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma

Fri., May. 4, 2012 - 7 pm | Aaron Traffas, CAI, ATS, CES

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Aaron Traffas: Hello this is Aaron Traffas with Purple Wave. Today, I’m going to speak with Jackie Black, Purple Wave’s new territory manager for northwestern Texas, eastern New Mexico and the Oklahoma Panhandle. Hi, Jackie, and thanks for joining me.

Jackie Black

Jackie Black

Jackie Black: Hello, how are you, Aaron?

AT: I’m doing well. Jackie, why don’t you start by telling me about yourself – have you always lived in Amarillo?

JB: No, actually I grew up in Lubbock. I spent most of my life in the Texas Panhandle or had nine years or so in the southwest portion of Oklahoma. I’ve been in that part of the country my whole life.

I understand you have a experience in both equipment rental and the publishing industry. Tell me about those experiences and how you came to be interested in Purple Wave.

Sure. I’ve actually been in the ag industry for over 20 years and I’ve had numerous experiences in that capacity. I ran a publication for the dairy industry for roughly nine years. Previous to that, I ran a Case International whole goods department for a dealership in southwest Oklahoma. I’ve been in the leasing business with harvesting and harvest leasing equipment. I just have really loved the ag industry and have been very involved with that for a long time.

You’ve been on the ground at our Manhattan headquarters for the last few days, anyway. What do you think of the company and crew so far?

Oh, I love it. Everybody’s – the support staff is fantastic people. It feels like you’ve got two people for every guy out in the field. It’s just a smooth operation and everybody’s working towards one goal and that’s to do the best job we can for our customers.

Talk a little bit, if you would, about how you fit in to that goal. What are your roles and responsibilities? Describe the area you’re going to be covering. What’s going to be an average day for you?

I’ll be covering actually the Texas Panhandle as far south as south of Lubbock, eastern New Mexico and the Oklahoma Panhandle. There’s a diverse amount of equipment in that span of area. There’s ag and commercial equipment, but there’s a tremendous amount of what I would call ag-commercial, in that there’s a lot of CAFO operations that are confined animal feeding operations, both in the dairy industry and in the beef feeding industry. I just feel like Purple Wave has a tremendous amount of opportunity down in that area with expanding people’s ability to sell their equipment to a much larger group of buyers.

Tell me about some of your personal interests, Jackie. When you’re not going to be beating the bushes down there in Texas, what do you like to do in your spare time?

Well, I like to hunt and fish, of course, but in the Texas Panhandle you hunt a lot more than you fish. There’s not just a whole lot of areas to do that in. I have three kids, and they keep my schedule pretty full outside of work, so between those times that’s kind of what we do. I’ve got a son in college who plays baseball, so we try to sneak away and watch a few games on the weekends here. The kids’ schedules pretty well fill up the rest of the time.

I’ve been speaking with Jackie Black, Purple Wave’s new territory manager for northwestern Texas and eastern New Mexico. Thanks again, Jackie, for joining me today.

Find Jackie on the web at Contact him at or call 806.681.0488.

Subscribe to Purple Wave’s Auction Podcast on iTunes. Search iTunes for “Purple Wave” or use the link on the podcast page on our website at

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Matthew Coomes joins Purple Wave as Web operations associate

Tue., May. 1, 2012 - 12 pm | Mike Rasmussen

Matthew Coomes is the newest addition to the Web operations team. Matthew started working out of our Manhattan headquarters last month.

An important quality for anyone working in Purple Wave’s Web operations is a familiarity with the equipment that we sell. Matthew grew up on a family farm, so he knows ag equipment. He’s worked for a cement company over the last two summers, so he’s also comfortable with many types of construction equipment as well.

Matthew will graduate with a degree in computer information systems with minors in business and agribusiness.

Matthew Coomes

Matthew Coomes

I am from a small town in southeast Kansas by the name of Saint Paul. I grew up on a farm just outside of Saint Paul where, as a kid growing up, I spent many hours on the farm doing various things. I will graduate in May from Kansas State University.

I joined Purple Wave because it seemed like a great opportunity to continue my career in a company that is growing and to gain experience and knowledge in an area in which I enjoy working.

What I enjoy most about working at Purple Wave is the great atmosphere.

Matthew will join Brandy, Tyler, Tabatha and me as he works to help create and process the listings and pictures for the assets that sell on our website. On behalf of everyone at Purple Wave, I’d like to welcome Matthew to the team.

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May 10 heavy construction and aggregate equipment auction

Tue., Apr. 24, 2012 - 8 pm | Aaron Traffas, CAI, ATS, CES

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Hello, this is Aaron Traffas with Purple Wave. On Thursday, May 10, Purple Wave will be conducting an auction of heavy construction and aggregate equipment located in Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Minnesota and Iowa. I’m going to speak with Bob McBride, Purple Wave’s territory manager for Sedgwick County, Kansas. He’s been working with Sherwood Construction, one of the larger sellers of aggregate equipment in this auction. Good morning, Bob, and thanks for joining me.

Good morning, Aaron.

May 10 heavy construction and aggregate equipment auction flyer

May 10 heavy construction and aggregate equipment auction flyer

First, tell me about this auction. This is the second Purple Wave auction that’s comprised heavier crushing and aggregate equipment. Did the success of the auction last December for Journagan Construction Company serve as a catalyst for the decision to conduct another heavy equipment auction?

Aaron, I think it did. In fairness, we do sell quite a bit of construction equipment. I think it was a natural migration that we would eventually end up servicing the quarry sector. Absolutely, the Journagan sale was a success for us. We certainly appreciate the trust that the Journagan’s had in us, awarding us with that project. Yes, it was a good auction. It was very successful. Certainly it built our confidence in calendaring another quarry auction event. You know, in our marketing efforts for that sale, we were given the opportunity to meet a lot of good buyers for quarry equipment. So, certainly those folks – we’ll reach out to and let them know about the opportunity here forthcoming on May 10.

Tell me about Sherwood. What kinds of work have they done and why have they decided to sell some equipment at auction with Purple Wave?

Aaron, the Sherwood Companies is a multigenerational family business that was founded back in 1934 – nearly 80 years in the construction business. Their operation is primarily based in Kansas and Oklahoma. They do have an affiliate company out in Colorado. Their main focus is heavy grading, commercial site prep. – they do some highway construction. I mentioned they do have affiliate companies, one of them being Greenhill Materials Co., which is the quarry operation that we’ll be working for on May 10. We’ve had the good fortune of working for Sherwood for about two years now, so I think we’ve built some rapport with them. They’ve got confidence in our system and our auctions, so here we go with an opportunity to sell some equipment that they no longer have a need for at their quarry in Owasso, Oklahoma.

Where is this stuff from Sherwood located?

2008 KPI/JCI 3850

2008 KPI/JCI 3850

Aaron, the items for Sherwood are located at their Greenhill Materials quarry, located in Owasso, Okla., which is just really a stone’s throw north of Tulsa – very good ingress and egress to the location there, particularly moving these heavy pieces – these crushing pieces out…good highway going in and out, it’s not a remote location, again, just north of Tulsa, Okla.

Tell me about the equipment that they have there, specifically.

We have a 2008 KPI-JCI 3850 portable impact crusher. It’s mounted on a 2001 Kolberg-Pioneer carrier. The crusher has a 250-horsepower three-phase motor. The power lead for the feeder and the discharge motor are included. The switchgear and an Eaton soft starter are included. All the manuals for the switchgear and the soft starter will go right along with the sale. We also have a Lippmann 30×42 portable jaw crusher. It has 150-horsepower three-phase motor on the crushing unit. All the power leads for the unit are included. The have recently replaced the trailer brakes and the tires on the carrier. The switchgear has several auxillary connectors and they recently replaced the ABB 150-horsepower soft starter, so all of the switchgear and soft starter is included with the sale. I also might mention, when looking at the pictures online – when we photographed this asset it was still blocked up where it had been crushing. By the time the auction closes, they will have it taken down and made ready to haul out for load out. They have a couple of conveyor units that we’ll be selling. They have a 2006 Brandt Manufacturing hydrocyclone tower, which comes complete – there’s a 40-foot tower – it’s in two sections, now, with this hydrocyclone manifold system that’s mounted on it. That will sell. We also have a BTI crusher-mounted breaker that mounts alongside of a crushing unit and helps break some of the larger rock in the hopper. Those are the Sherwood assets that are in that event.

We’ve got several other nice equipment packages in this event. Tell me about some of those.

Lippmann 30x42 portable jaw crusher

Lippmann 30×42 portable jaw crusher

We’ve got some large wheel loaders. We’ve got a Caterpillar 966E coming out of Des Moines, Iowa. We also have a Komatsu WA500 that’s located in the state of Kansas. There’s a 2004 Kenworth super dump truck that’s in Minnesota. We’ve got an FMC Link-Belt HTC truck-mounted crane – a number of assets – a Pioneer 3416 portable duplex crusher. It’s a jaw and roll crusher. It’s located in Missouri. Just a number of other assets, Aaron – right now around 70 items are in the auction at the current time.

Well, as we record this episode, the auction is just under three weeks away and, like you say, we’ve got over 70 items. What’s your guess as to the total number of pieces we’ll end up with and when we might have a complete inventory listing for this auction?

2004 Kenworth T800B Super 18 dump truck

2004 Kenworth T800B Super 18 dump truck

I don’t know exactly how many more pieces we’ll come up with, but just as early as this morning I heard of one of our auction managers that had secured a few more pieces for this auction event. I’d say that if you’re a buyer, if you would look around the thirtieth of this month, you should likely see all of the assets that will map up into this sale on May 10. I expect more. Look back frequently. I do know as we learn more about some of the assets, the descriptions will be improved, so I would encourage potential buyers to look over the assets and, again, if you looked once, please look back again. Take a good look at the descriptions, the photographs, etc. Expect a nice offering. Again, you should see the total piece count by the end of this month.

Tell me about inspection and pickup. What needs to be done for any prospective bidders who may not yet be familiar with Purple Wave and our standard inspection and pickup procedures. What needs to be done to take a look at the equipment and how long do buyers have to remove purchases?

1988 Caterpillar 966E wheel loader

1988 Caterpillar 966E wheel loader

It’s very easy, Aaron. We’re very transparent with all of the assets we sell across all of our auctions. This one will be no different. If you’re looking at an item or items that you’re interested in, the location of the asset is noted. As you look into the details page for that particular asset as you’re scrolling through all the detailed pictures, description, etc…we also have the seller’s contact information or the seller’s representatives. In the Sherwood case, we have the superintendant for the quarry operation. You can call him direct. Again, the seller and seller reps are listed there – their phone numbers, their email – so you can call them and inquire about the assets. If you want to set up an appointment to go inspect the items before the auction closes, you can do that. We encourage that. As far as the load out post-auction, we ask that once the item is paid for that you contact the seller or seller rep within 48 hours of the auction close to make arrangements. You don’t have to have the asset picked up within 48 hours, but just make arrangements – touch base with them, let them know your intentions. Our general terms are that we ask that the items are picked up within 14 days. I’ll go out on a limb and I’d say that if you have clear, clean communication with the seller, if there’s an earnest reason why you can’t get in there within that time, then as long as you communicate with the sellers, I’m going to say most will work with someone who’s making a real effort to get the items moved out. Again, all of our sellers’ contact information is located at the item listing so you can contact them direct.

Bob, is there anything else you’d like to say or mention about this auction?

Do look back at the inventory. We do expect it to increase, and so do look back through the items. Again, our sellers’ information is there so you can call to inquire about more details on the assets. Often times – I’m looking at the inventory now and we have some rock drills. Many times, we have videos attached to the item-level listing, too. If the item is in an operating state and we’re there picturing it, we’ll have the operators run it and shoot a quick video, so the videos are there. We’re excited about this event. It’s going to be a nice opportunity. There’s good equipment and the bidding will close on the tenth of May.

Bob McBride

Bob McBride

Bob McBride is Purple Wave’s territory manager for Wichita and Sedgwick County. You can find him on the web at Contact him at or call 316.250.0298.

Bidding for the heavy construction and aggregate auction is open now and will close Thursday, May 10, beginning at 10 a.m. Like all Purple Wave auctions, there are no reserves or minimum bids. Items receiving bids in the last few minutes will be automatically extended to give everyone a fair chance to bid. There’s no advantage to waiting, so view the complete inventory with inspection information – and place your bids now – at

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