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Find assets by location with new search feature

Fri., May. 31, 2013 - 11 pm | Lucas Thornton

Search by ZIP code

Search by ZIP code

As we continue to sell more assets in more places, we want to make it easier to find items in specific locations. With this goal in mind, we’ve made some enhancements to the search functionality of our website. A popular request from our customer community, these enhancements will allow searches for items in a geographic areas.

Search by location
Starting today, we’ve added the option to specify a ZIP code and a radius to the search box at the upper right of most of the pages on our site. If no items match the search term in the radius specified, we’ll automatically show you any matches in surrounding areas. Also, by leaving the search box blank and specifying a radius and ZIP code, the new search system can display all items in the specific area.

We’re always working on improvements to make our user experience better, and we’ll be releasing more new features over the next few weeks. Stay tuned.

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Jason Looker new territory manager for central Illinois

Thu., May. 9, 2013 - 10 am | Aaron Traffas, CAI, ATS, CES

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Hello and welcome to Purple Wave’s Auction Podcast. My name is Aaron Traffas. Today, I’m going to speak with Purple Wave’s newest territory manager, Jason Looker, who will be serving the better part of central Illinois. Good morning, Jason, and thanks for joining me this morning.

Thanks, Aaron. I appreciate it.

Tell me about yourself. Where did you grow up?

Jason Looker

Jason Looker

I grew up in a small farming community, Beardstown, Ill., which is about 45 minutes west of Springfield and the area that I’ll be servicing with Purple Wave. My family still resides in the Beardstown area. I’m still very connected to them and some of the friends I grew up with. Springfield is also an area that I have a large network of friends and family and business contacts.

Speaking of business contacts, you have an extensive sales background. Tell me about some of your previous careers and how you found yourself in Springfield.

I got my start in sales about 17 years ago, believe it or not, selling cell phones, pagers and wireless intercom systems. I was still in college at the time so it kind of gave me my first real taste. From there, I graduated into medical sales. I was a manufacturers’ rep and I ran my own small distributorship. I did that out of central Ill. It carried me into the Chicago area for about nine years. After a few things went south in the medical industry with some changes, I got into construction and industrial sales. That’s what kind of brought me up to this territory. In the meantime I’d relocated back to Springfield, Ill., which is the area, again, that I’ll be servicing – a little bit closer to home, a place to settle down. I found this opportunity because it allowed me to do a lot of things that I wanted to for the remainder of my career.

How was it that you did you hear about us and what was it that made you want to be a part of Purple Wave?

I responded to an ad on either Monster or CareerBuilder and immediately got a phone call from Jason Moore in HR. He painted a really neat picture and I did a little background on my end. I felt like immediately there was some sort of a connection. Without going through all of the interviews and things at first, I just thought that there was something there. I thought that the scope of work and the contact points were right online. I thought that this was a company that was growing that I could be a part of, make a name for myself and be a part of the growth and the future. Obviously with career opportunities it was something that I hadn’t seen in a while. Living in Springfield there are limited opportunities like this and I thought it was something I wanted to move forward with and pursue.

Well, there wasn’t a whole lot of time from when you decided to join us until your training began here this last week. What have the last few days been like and what do you think of your decision so far?

Well, I think it has been a smooth transition so far. This week has been a lot of information and hopefully I’m retaining the better part of it. There are so many processes and so many moving parts that I’m not used to, being a small business owner and working for smaller companies. There’s a lot of backend support – a lot of things that I look forward to – but, again, a lot of moving parts and a lot to learn. It’s been a really neat experience and I’m looking forward to it. I’m pleased with my decision.

Tell me more about the area that you’ll be covering and what you see as your roles and responsibilities. What’s going to be an average day?

Jason's territory

Jason’s territory

Well I don’t know what an average day will be, and I don’t know if even some of the more senior reps could give you a direct answer on that, especially with my experience in sales. I think that’s what we all like about it. Springfield’s right in the center part of the state. It is the state capital, so there’s certainly going to be some opportunities there with the state government. It’s still a fairly rural territory, although I think from east to west and north to south there’s probably about a million population. There’s some industrial areas like Decatur, Ill., and Peoria, Ill. A lot of people may be familiar with those two for ADM or Caterpillar. There are a couple major universities, Illinois State University and the University of Illinois. I think the biggest segment will certainly be construction, but there’s a ton of opportunity – obviously Illinois is a huge ag state as well.

Tell me some of your personal interests. What kind of things do you like to do in your spare time?

I do like the outdoors. I like to hunt and fish, although I don’t do that as much as I used to. I spend a lot of time either watching or going to sporting events. I was fortunate enough to go to my eleventh Final Four this year. A lot of the Purple Wave people are envious because of Wichita State being there. That’s something that my wife and I enjoy doing together. We’re season ticket holders for the St. Louis Cardinals. We enjoy being out on the water. We have a boat – anything outdoors as long as the weather permits.

I’ve been speaking with Jason Looker, Purple Wave’s new territory manager serving central Illinois. Thanks again, Jason, for joining me today.

Thanks for having me, Aaron, I appreciate it.

Find Jason on the web at or contact him at or call 217.836.0045.

Don’t forget to find us on Facebook at or follow us on Twitter at Subscribe to Purple Wave’s Auction Podcast on iTunes. Search iTunes for “Purple Wave” or use the link on the podcast page on our website at

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2013 Bid for Blue begins with 20 FFA chapter donations

Wed., May. 1, 2013 - 11 am | Jordan Sterling

Since the Bid for Blue program began in early 2011, Purple Wave has donated over $20,000 in support of local FFA chapters and statewide FFA activities. We recently announced the expansion of the program into Nebraska and we are excited to be partnering with another state. To update our community about the results of this program and to share some unique FFA stories we’ve encountered, we’ll be posting a Bid for Blue summary at the end of each quarter.

BidForBlue_241x61In the first quarter of 2013 we earmarked 21 assets with the Bid for Blue designation. The buyers of those 21 assets chose 18 unique chapters across Kansas and Nebraska to receive the local donations. Purple Wave’s donations support FFA at both the local and state levels. In this quarter we were able to donate a total of $3,441.50 back to Kansas and Nebraska FFA, including the support of three newly-chartered FFA chapters. Visit to view the past Bid for Blue assets and chapters we’ve supported as well as those we’re featuring in our upcoming auctions.

We always enjoy hearing from FFA chapters that we’ve reached through this program and about the ways the donations have impacted them. Here are a few of the notes we’ve received in recent months.

We would like to thank your auction company for continued support of the Kansas FFA! The Bid for Blue program is a huge benefit to many chapters across the state. Thank you for your support! Keep ag growing.
President Chance Hain
Advisor Linda Chase
Wellington, Kan., FFA Chapter in response to recent donation

We would like to thank you for helping us with the donation. It will be used during our FFA week. Typically we go bowling, skating, to the movies and play dodgeball. Thank you!
Fort Scott, Kan., FFA Chapter in response to a recent donation

If you have a comment or question about the program or want to share how FFA and Bid for Blue has impacted you or your chapter, we would love to hear from you.

We’ll see you at the 85th Kansas FFA Convention from May 29 through May 31, 2013, in Manhattan, Kan.

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McKee named 2012 Community Entrepreneur of the Year

Tue., Apr. 23, 2013 - 11 am | Aaron Traffas, CAI, ATS, CES

McKee receives award

McKee receives award

Earlier this month, Aaron McKee was named the 2012 Community Entrepreneur of the Year by Kansas State University’s Center for Advancement of Entrepreneurship.

The award was presented on April 4 in conjunction with the finals for the Next Big Thing 2013, a competition that awards $20,000, office space and mentoring to K-State students to help pursue their winning ideas.

A K-State alumnus and lifelong entrepreneur, Aaron has been a visionary and our inspiration since he and Suzy founded Purple Wave Auction Co. in September 2000.

On behalf of everyone here at Purple Wave, I’d like to congratulate Aaron on this prestigious and well-deserved award.

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Chuck Fischer becomes customer development specialist

Thu., Apr. 18, 2013 - 12 pm | Jordan Sterling

I am excited to announce the newest addition to our Customer Development Department at Purple Wave. Chuck Fischer has been with the company since September 2012 serving in his current role as asset qualification associate. In this role, he has provided a high level of organization and service to buyers of titled assets helping to facilitate a timely transfer of ownership.

Chuck Fischer

Chuck Fischer

“I am looking forward to joining Customer Development and hope to contribute to its continued successes in gaining more information about our customers and making them feel comfortable about doing business with Purple Wave. Having experienced some of the post-auction customer support needs that arise, I think that I will be able to provide proactive support for our customers. I feel that this function is key to Purple Wave’s future success and I welcome the opportunity to work within that team.”

The Customer Development Department serves as a liaison for new customers ensuring they are comfortable with our bidding process and providing proactive support to our community of bidders. Chuck’s dedication to Purple Wave and desire for more interaction with our customers makes him a great fit and we’re excited as he transitions into his new role as customer development specialist.

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Upcoming banking trade shows

Thu., Apr. 11, 2013 - 12 pm | Dave Sommers, AARE, PRI

Over the last few years, I’ve written several articles about the work we regularly do for lenders and their clients. I’ll be attending several banking conventions in the next couple of months and am excited to visit in person with lenders about our services.

  • Nebraska Bankers AssociationNebraska Bankers Association Annual Convention
    May 2 and 3
    Embassy Suites Omaha, La Vista
    La Vista, Neb.
    Find Scott Wiese and me and at our booth and ask us about the solutions Purple Wave offers lenders and lenders’ clients.
  • Oklahoma Bankers AssociationOklahoma Bankers Association Annual Convention
    May 15 through May 17
    Mariott Oklahoma City
    Oklahoma City, Okla.
    Crystal Griffis and I will be at our booth answering questions about the success we’ve had providing solutions to lenders in Oklahoma.
  • Missouri Bankers Association 2013 Annual Convention
    June 12 and 13
    Chateau on the Lake
    Branson, Mo.
    I’ll be at our booth along with Jeff Wilson and Jim Norris to visit about auctions for Missouri lenders and their clients.
  • Iowa Bankers AssociationIowa Bankers Association
    September 15 through September 17
    Iowa Events Center, Veterans Memorial Convention Center
    Des Moines, Iowa
    Find Mike Saxton and me at our booth and ask us how Purple Wave works successfully with lenders in Iowa.

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Bid for Blue expands at Nebraska State FFA Convention

Wed., Apr. 3, 2013 - 2 pm | Aaron Traffas, CAI, ATS, CES

BidForBlue_241x61Since 2011, Purple Wave’s Bid for Blue program has worked to support local Kansas FFA chapters and statewide FFA activities. Now, in cooperation with the Nebraska FFA Foundation, we’re expanding the Bid for Blue program to include Nebraska.

To introduce the program in Nebraska, Purple Wave is sending a delegation to the 85th Nebraska State FFA Convention in Lincoln. They’ll represent Purple Wave from today through Friday.

Coinciding with the Nebraska expansion, we’ve also launched a new page at that displays upcoming Bid for Blue program assets as well as the chapter designations from recent results.

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Ruzic Construction retirement auction

Thu., Mar. 21, 2013 - 4 pm | Aaron Traffas, CAI, ATS, CES

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Aaron Traffas: Hello and welcome to Purple Wave’s Auction Podcast. My name is Aaron Traffas. We’re conducting an auction for Ruzic Construction in Neillsville, Wis., that will close on April 17. This morning I’m going to speak with Gary Ruzic himself about his retirement auction. Good morning, Mr. Ruzic, and thanks for joining me.

Gary Ruzic: Good morning.

AT: Tell me about your company, how you got started and how you evolved to be, as you call yourself, one of the little giants in the Wisconsin bridge building industry.

Ruzic Construction auction flyer

Ruzic Construction auction flyer

GR: I started contracting on my own in 1971. That’s 43 years ago. I started out doing some residential work. Before that, I worked for a contractor out of Milwaukee on heavy industrial – schools, hospitals, factories – that type of work. Concrete and steel, that’s all I’ve done for 52 years. I moved up here to central Wisconsin where I was born and raised, and when I got back up here I started out doing some residential work. Then, the county highway commissioner asked me to do some repair work on some bridges. One thing led to another. I got pre-qualified with the state in ’76 and have been doing bridge work with the state ever since.

Why are you having an auction?

The reason I’m having an auction is the work has been very thin – not much of it – in the last four years. That, plus my age – I just turned 73 and it was just time anyhow. It was hurried along by the very poor marketplace that’s been there for the last couple of years. It’s going to be picking up greatly in the next couple years in the state of Wisconsin. With the age factor in there, I figured it was just time to step aside.

Well, the decision to sell your equipment after such a long and successful career couldn’t have been easy, nor, do I imagine, was the selection of an auction firm to handle the liquidation. Why did you decide to use Purple Wave?

I called an awful lot of people that I knew that sold out in the last three to five years – people that I’ve known for a long time. Some of them that sold out within the last three to four years went with an online auction and said it was much better than a traditional auction. Some of the people that I’ve talked to in different states and in the state of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Missouri, Iowa – they recommended Purple Wave quite heavily. They said that they did a good job on it, the prices were good, they were treated very good, they had a lot of help with it – it just sort of swayed my thinking that this was the company to go with.

As we speak this morning, I’m looking at about 400 items listed at Tell me about the types of equipment that we’re going to be selling for you and give me some details on what you would consider to be some of the marquee assets in this event.



Well, we are a bridge-builder, so everything is, of course, bridge-builder-oriented here. The cranes, we have two sixty-ton and one fifty-ton crane left here – Americans – 5299s. Two of them are 5299As. They are in good shape. They were gone through again this fall and every year we have them – we have a company come out and they’re certified every spring. We didn’t certify them this spring because we’re not going to be using them. They were ready to, and I know they would pass easily, and the same with all of our trucks, trailers – everything is checked out and certified by the state that everything is roadworthy and in good running order. I’ve had my yard foreman that I had here was with me for 36 years and he was pretty well a stickler on maintaining everything. He had a good mechanic on hand here. If it’s the pile drivers, the pipe rule, the deck finishers – there’s two of them – the cranes, backhoes – everything is in good, working order and ready to go. The cranes – I know I talked to the mechanic when he was done this last fall. It was about Thanksgiving – he wrapped up with them putting in new air lines and brake shoes and clutches and he said we could have all three cranes on the job and working within three days. He said load them up, get the booms on them, get the cable out and we could be driving piling.

Well, I’m seeing a huge quantity of forms and tools, trailers and generators and supplies. All of this equipment is listed as being in Neillsville. Tell me about the location. Is it all in one place?

Ruzic Construction

Ruzic Construction

It’s all in one place right here. We’re on Highway 73 about three miles north of Highway 10, just north of Niellsville. Everything is right here. When they have the open house on the third and the thirteenth of April, anybody can come in here and take a look at, start up and run any piece of equipment. Everything is right here and ready to go. If it’s anything to do with bridge construction, concrete, steel, pile driving – and there’s also – we have the piling, pipe pile, H-pile, and sheet piling here. In the H-pile and the pipe pile, there are certifications for the state on all that material.

Gary, you mentioned the open inspection periods on April 3 and April 13. Each is scheduled from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Let’s say I’m a prospective bidder and, for some reason, those times don’t work for me and I’d like to take a look at something before placing a bid. Who do I need to contact to be able to do that?

If you could contact me on my cell or a land line – cell number is probably the best. I’m within reach of that twenty-four-seven and anybody is welcome. They can come at virtually any time and take a tour of the entire yard. You can drive through, around everything. This infernal snow we’ve been getting – I’ve been plowing steady to keep plowing out everything I can. I can be here to open up the shop and you can take a look at everything that’s palletized and on display here all over the floor of the shop and cold storage areas. There’s pallets of material actually covering an area that’s probably 80′ x 140′ – just about solid pallets.

2001 SkyTrac 8042 Legacy telehandler

2001 SkyTrac 8042 Legacy telehandler

Let’s talk about after the auction. Once everything is sold and a winning bidder has made payment to Purple Wave, what’s he going to need to do to arrange pickup?

They come in here – everything is paid for, they have a receipt that is paid for and we’ll have a forklift here, an 8000 lb. forklift which can hold virtually anything. There are a few things we’ll have a – we’re asking that the 50-ton crane stick around for about a week. There are a few things that we can load – like the 50′ long 36” beams, you can load them with a forklift but it’s much easier and safer if we could load some of that real heavy stuff right away with the crane and then ship the crane out and finish everything else up with the forklift.

Gary, tell me about shipping. What options are available to somebody who needs to move some of this equipment a fair distance?

As far as trucking for anybody throughout the United States here, they have ConsTrucks, a company from Stevens Point, that has a lot of lowboys and flatbeds. They can haul anything that you have to haul. Length, weight, width – won’t make any difference. They can haul it nation wide, really, and there are other local trucking firms around here that would be glad to haul for you. I know Andrews Trucking would be willing to haul.

1996 Kobelco SK220LC Mark IV excavator

1996 Kobelco SK220LC Mark IV excavator

What kind of time frame are you hoping to have everything removed by?

I hope we could have everything removed within a couple weeks after the auction. By May 1, if we could have everything out of here I would appreciate it.

Gary, is there anything else you’d like to say about this auction?

You mentioned there were a lot of forms here. The forms are all 3/4” plywood – exterior plywood on them and 2 x 6 skeletons. They’re good forms. The plywood has been replaced on them. They’re all in perfect shape. There’s probably about four semi loads of forms and a lot of ties that go with them – 30″, 36″, 39″ down to 15″ and 24″ ties. There are just a lot of them here for anybody that would be interested in that. I don’t know of anything else I’d have to add right now.

Alright. I’ve been speaking with Gary Ruzic from Ruzic Construction about this retirement auction of construction equipment that ends on April 17. Thanks again, Mr. Ruzic, for joining me this morning.

Thank you.

Bidding for the Ruzic Construction retirement auction is open now and will close on Wednesday, April 17, beginning at 10 a.m. central. To view the items before bidding, stop by during the open inspections from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on April 3 or April 13. To schedule an inspection outside of those times, call Gary at 715.937.1211 or talk to Purple Wave’s John Hengel or Andy Artley who have been working with Gary on this event.

Like all Purple Wave auctions, there are no reserves or minimum bids. Items receiving bids in the last few minutes will be automatically extended to give everyone a fair chance to bid. There’s no advantage to waiting, so view the complete inventory listing – and place your bids now – at

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Philip Mathias new territory manager for N.D. and Minn.

Mon., Mar. 11, 2013 - 4 pm | Aaron Traffas, CAI, ATS, CES

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Aaron Traffas: Hello and welcome to Purple Wave’s Auction Podcast. My name is Aaron Traffas. Today, I’m going to speak with Philip Mathias of West Fargo, N.D. Philip is Purple Wave’s newest territory manager for eastern N.D. and northwestern Minn. Good morning, Philip, and thanks for joining me this morning.

Philip Mathias: Good morning, Aaron.

AT: Philip, I understand you’re not from around here. Tell me when and how you came to this country.

Philip Mathias

Philip Mathias

PM: I grew up in New Zealand. In the early ’80s I got a chance to come over here on a student training program run by the University of Minnesota. It was to study agriculture and farm management systems. I went back to New Zealand after that program finished and ended up returning over here and getting married.

Philip, tell me about your business background. How did you end up in West Fargo?

I spent a lot of years with a company, Mustang Manufacturing, that built the Mustang skid loaders. I was a service technician for them. It gave me the opportunity to travel the world and the U.S. From there, I got into sales working with RDO Equipment and then, most recently, with Herc-U-Lift. Herc-U-Lift was a great company to work with. It got me into the construction line of equipment and took me to Sioux Falls and then up and down I-29 all the way up through the Red River Valley, building relationships with contractors and large rental companies up here. It was through Herc-U-Lift that I ended up in West Fargo trying to develop the business up here.

How did you hear about us and what was it that made you want to be a part of Purple Wave?

I had known Andy Artley for 15 years. Andy and I had worked together back in our days at Mustang and I was looking for a job that could give me more of a challenge but I was also looking for a job that was led by upper management to the benefit of the customer all the time rather than it being profit driven. I found, coming on board with Purple Wave, the people there were very friendly, very open and the bottom line was they were willing to give the people in the field all the tools they need to be successful.

Well, you started with us in the latter half of February. Tell me about your training process and what it’s been like so far.

The first week I was with Purple Wave, I was in Manhattan, Kan., going over some pretty extensive training. The following week I was then in western N.D. doing data collection. Recently, this last week, I’ve been in central Wis. doing data collection.

Let’s talk for a moment about geographies. Your territory map is up on your profile page at For someone listening to the audio version only, can you describe the territory you’ll be covering?

Philip's territory

Philip’s territory

I’m based out of West Fargo. The territory is essentially about 100 miles to the west and then also about 150 miles to the east. It goes from the S.D. border all the way to the Canadian border. With me being the only territory manager up in N.D., I’ll be covering western N.D. in the interim.

Tell me about your role and responsibilities. What’s going to be an average day?

At this stage, the average day is going to be developing relationships with prospective customers. As this is relatively new territory and we’re trying to get the Purple Wave name out there, I’ll be spending a lot of time on the phone and talking to prospective clients as far as buying or selling equipment through Purple Wave.

Well, I realize you’ve only been on the ground for a couple of weeks up there, but, in that time, what kind of reception have you seen so far?

The people that I’ve visited with about Purple Wave have been very impressed because Purple Wave is very transparent. They know the buyer’s fee and what it costs. They know the effort that we put into marketing the equipment, coming out and doing the data collection and making sure that we are representing the equipment as honestly as we can.

Well, Philip, tell me about some of your personal interests. What do you like to do in what little spare time that you have?

Generally, on the weekends I like to go fishing, I’ve got a camper on a lake place up in northern Minn., so that seems to have us up there most weekends. If I’m not there, I like to travel a lot. In a previous position I’ve had the opportunity to travel the world. Coming from New Zealand, you always have a interest on how other people think and how their lifestyles are, but occupations lately and kids have curtailed the traveling part of it quite a bit lately.

I’ve been speaking with Philip Mathias, Purple Wave’s newest territory manager for eastern North Dakota and western Minnesota. Thanks again, Philip, for joining me today.

Thanks, Aaron.

Find Philip on the web at Contact him at or call 701.429.1561.

Don’t forget to find us on Facebook at or follow us on Twitter at Subscribe to Purple Wave’s Auction Podcast on iTunes. Search iTunes for “Purple Wave” or use the link on the podcast page on our website at

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Ross Schochenmaier new territory manager in S.D. and Minn.

Fri., Mar. 8, 2013 - 3 pm | Aaron Traffas, CAI, ATS, CES

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Aaron Traffas: Hello and welcome to Purple Wave’s Auction Podcast. My name is Aaron Traffas. Today, I’m going to speak with Ross Schochenmaier from Waconia, Minn. Ross is Purple Wave’s new territory manager for eastern S.D. and southwestern Minn. Good morning, Ross, and thanks for joining me this morning.

Ross Schochenmaier: Good morning, Aaron.

AT: Begin by speaking to your background. Where did you grow up?

RS: I grew up in a town in western Minn. called Hutchinson, Minn., kind of a mid-sized community of about 15-16,000 people. It had an ag influence and then also still had some manufacturing in that community.

Ross Schochenmaier

Ross Schochenmaier

How did you end up in Waconia?

Through job transfers and changes, we’ve been here since 1998, which is the year my first, oldest daughter was born. A job brought me here and we’ve been here ever since. We love the community.

Well talk about those jobs if you would. You’ve got an extensive experience in marketing and sales. Tell me about that.

My background has been in the equipment finance world. For the last 13 to 15 years I’ve been in the equipment finance world, working with various companies – working not only with end users which would be construction contractors, ag producers, but also had dealer representation – various sources, working with manufacturers from Cat to Deere to even small lines, but working primarily one-on-one with either a dealer or a customer contact and putting together packages, reviewing opportunities with them, marketing – cold calling to various customers within my territories.

How did you hear about us and what was it that made you want to be a part of Purple Wave?

Well, I actually heard about Purple Wave probably six or seven years ago where a rep that was with the company – he and I used to come in contact and I came across the opportunity with the company. I was able to attend the Winona Excavating retirement auction with Andy and John and Richard Bates. Aaron was down there also. That was really the deciding factor that said I want to work with this company. I was very impressed with the technology behind the auction, very impressed with how they dealt with the people, the personalities – keeping the auction forefront but also considering that there’s a person behind the scenes that’s dealing with a wide range of emotions at this point. It kind of sold me on the company, made me see that – you know what? My background and how I deal with the customer on the relationship side – it’s a perfect fit. I just said, hey – you know what? This is going to be a great opportunity for both of us.

You started not too long after that particular auction. You started in late January. Tell me about your last month and a half on the ground.

The last month and a half has been a whirlwind. I called my boss yesterday, Andy Artley, and said, “You know? I really am having fun,” which is a great thing. Every day is a little bit different. I’ve been out and doing data capture on the Ruzic auction, which was great. I enjoyed the people, I enjoyed the opportunity. I’ve been out calling on customers, working on leads that I’ve already established, trying to get a firm understanding of my territory and who’s all out there. The one thing I can tell you that has truly impressed me, Aaron, is that fact that everybody I seem to talk to, whether they have a background with Purple Wave or experience with Purple Wave or whether they don’t, they are very open to talk to you. Now some say, “You know what? We just don’t use auction services.” And that’s understandable, but, especially those ones that have dealt with Purple Wave, I like the reaction that I’m getting that everybody likes this company and is willing to help us take it to the next step.

You mentioned your territory and, for anyone who may be listening to this on a portable device, maybe subscribed to iTunes through our podcast page or something – somebody who hasn’t had a chance to look at your profile page on the Web and see the map – why don’t you describe your territory for us, if you would?

Ross's territory

Ross’s territory

My territory covers southwestern Minn. and then also eastern S.D., as you mentioned. Southwestern Minn. puts me into the metropolitan counties of Carver, Scott, Wright and, I believe, all of Hennepin County, so a very big chunk of the Twin Cities metropolitan area. I then travel basically west all the way to Aberdeen and then down to the Neb. border, covering the Sioux Falls metropolitan area and then track back around not quite to I-35 and then travel north. So the key metropolitan areas that I handle are the Twin Cities – let’s call it Minneapolis – and the west and southwest suburbs, a little bit into the north, northwest – Mankato; Sioux Falls; Aberdeen; Watertown, S.D.; Brookings, S.D.; Yankton, S.D.; Newell, Minn. – I don’t want to leave any areas out, but I’m very pleased with the geographics we have. As I look at it, if you look at construction, we are very similar geographics and we’re going to see a lot of aggregate production, road builders, good general construction. On the ag side, you’re going to see a lot of the same type of production, kind of wide open cropland. I do have a fair amount of ag experience so I’m looking forward to hitting both areas fairly strongly.

Well, let’s jump right into that. When you hit both areas very strongly, tell me what you’re going to be doing. Tell me about your roles and responsibilities. What’s going to be an average day?

An average day is going to change from day to day, but I see it as an opportunity to go out and get the Purple Wave name out to as many contacts – customers in our area in my territory as we can. I feel we’re still fairly new in this geographic and a lot of it – probably the next six to twelve months – is going to be getting the Purple Wave name out. We do have some nice auctions coming in April which we are promoting extensively and we hope to build off of those. We do have some very good leads in this territory that we’re going to be working hard to continue to grow that, but I feel there’s great opportunities within the contracting arena – also in the municipality area. I’ve had a few discussions with some counties in S.D. that are interested in talking to us further, and then we’ve also had a little success with the S. D. ag market and a couple customers that have used Purple Wave have agreed to sign on with us and bring us some opportunities. So we’re going to slowly get our feet wet and build this territory up quickly.

Well, Ross, tell me about some of your personal interests. What kind of things do you like to do in your spare time?

I’d love to, Aaron. I’ve got four kinds – a wife and four kids, so I spend a lot of time with kids’ activities. My oldest daughter is a freshman in high school, so you can imagine there’s a lot of things going on. We’re a big hockey family. She plays softball so we do a lot of stuff there. If I don’t have my kids activities and I am not working and I’ve actually got some free time, I’m a fisherman at heart and you’ll find me tucked away in a boat somewhere with probably one of my kids – somewhere fishing or in an ice shelter somewhere. If I can get away from everything, that’s what I truly enjoy doing.

I’ve been speaking with Ross Schochenmaier, Purple Wave’s new territory manager for eastern S.D. and southwestern Minn. Thanks again, Ross, for joining me today.

Thanks, Aaron.

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