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Credit card requirements

Why does Purple Wave require a credit card?

We require a valid credit card to verify that our bidders are real people. Requiring a valid credit card helps to prevent faulty or fraudulent bidders. This process insures the safety of both our current buyers and sellers and the integrity of our auctions. All credit card information is secured by a leading third party service and cannot be accessed by anyone inside or outside of Purple Wave.

When does Purple Wave perform validation?

Purple Wave validates credit cards immediately upon registration. The validation process is performed only to verify the authenticity of the card, as stated above. In addition to the registration validation, Purple Wave will again, validate the credit card during your first bid in all auctions (as specifically mentioned in our auction details page). Validation consists of an authorization transaction of amount $0.00 to $0.01, depending on card type, and an immediate void of that authorization transaction.

Purple Wave believes in providing the highest level of security when managing your information. Any questions related to validation, account security or transactions should be directed to our Account Services department by contacting