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For your convenience, Purple Wave partners with Redstone Logistics to provide shipping and transportation services. Redstone Logistics will recommend the safest, most reliable and cost effective transportation options and coordinate all aspects of the shipping and transportation service directly with the buyers and sellers.

NOT ALL ASSETS QUALIFY FOR SHIPPING. Redstone Logistics is available to handle all lots that are 1000 lbs. or greater. The decision to support shipping and transportation is entirely up to Redstone Logistics. The shipping arrangement is ultimately between the buyer and Redstone Logistics. While Redstone Logistics is our preferred shipping company, other shipping options may be available at the seller’s discretion.

Please refer to each auction’s terms and conditions for specific shipping and transportation information.

In order to provide an accurate shipping quote, please supply Redstone Logistics the following information.

  • Origin and destination city, state and/or ZIP code
  • Auction date and item number
  • Commodity description
  • Destination unloading capabilities such as availability of a dock, forklift, etc.

Questions regarding shipping options and cost from Redstone Logistics should be directed to Kevin Myers at